Monthly Wrap-up // September 2020

Happy almost-October, friends!

I hope your September treated you well, and your spooky season is good so far! I’m actually super excited for this monthly wrap-up, as it’s the first one I’m publishing with my new theme/blog design. I’m experimenting with formatting, and I think I like this better. I would still love to hear your guys’ opinions + feedback though! ❤️

In terms of reading, September can be best described as a long [sigh]. I’ve tried reading, but I haven’t been able to focus on my books for longer than ten or fifteen minutes, at best, and with school going on, I haven’t gotten a whole lot of time anyways. However, what I did read was amazing. Here’s what I read:

The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao — ★★★★.5 — a truly fun middle grade with lots of heart, representation(!), and humor. I highly recommend this to all fans of PJO and middle grade (and then, everyone else).

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn — ★★★★☆ — a wonderful YA fantasy that takes classic 2012 tropes and truly gives them a new birth; with scintillating magic, chilling characters, a tight plot, and Black girl magic, I highly recommend this to everyone in look for a fresh urban fantasy.

Land of the Cranes by Aida Salazar — ★★★★.5 — a heart wrenching novel, written in verse, and one that will stay with you for a while. Please, read this book.

The Girl and the Goddess by Nikita Gill — ★★★★★ — another novel in verse, this time, one intertwined in stardust and spirit and Hindu mythology. I read it in one sitting, taking it in, basking in the glow that shines when you feel seen. Reading Paro’s story felt like looking into a mirror and seeing a face that doesn’t belong to me: Our lives are drastically different, yet so similar by the stories we’ve both grown up hearing. [A full review is to come.]

I posted four times this month, not counting this wrap-up — a real win, considering how busy I’ve been with school — and all credit goes to scheduled posts. I am a bit behind with answering comments, but I promise to get to all of them soon. Interacting with you all is by far my favorite thing to do, and I’m never going to leave any of you hanging. ❤

As you can see, September was a month full of firsts: New theme, first discussion, and first author interview! Discussions are now my favorite posts to write, and as of today, I have 9 (yes, nine!) discussions planned and ready, from topics as trivial as Book Twitter, and as important as representation. All I can say is: get ready.

I do want to mention #Goodreadance2020, created + hosted by my blogging queen, Shealea. It’s coming to an end, and I’m sorry to report that #Goodreadance was a bit of (big) fail for me. While I didn’t publish a post outlining my goals for the challenge, in a nutshell, I wanted to cut my TBR to 320 books or less, and I wanted to move my Goodreads data (TBR, shelves, etc.) to Notion. Neither of those two happened. I added 40 books to my TBR and Notion is …….. [I don’t want to talk about it.]

What I am going to do is give myself a personal extension for #Goodreadance, and give myself time till the end of 2020 to get everything sorted. The plan is to webscrape the data from Goodreads, convert it all to a massive .csv file, and then import that data into my Notion.* If I ever figure out Notion. (May did say that she’s making an intro to Notion post, so maybe that’s the sort of external push I need. 👀)

*Sorry if I’m boring you. I’m a nerd. *cries*

So, school started! And…. I’m liking it? Without giving away my age, all I can say is that I’m taking lots of unique courses which are considerable harder than anything I’ve tried before, and I’m loving it! Lots of studying on my own-time is required, but I truly am enjoying it.

I had my birthday in mid-September, which was lots of fun! My ma made the best food — uttapam, dal baati, naan & paneer butter masala, and maggi noodles — and I got some books and art supplies! I’m one of those people who are always inexplicably excited for their birthdays, so it was lots of fun, haha. And while we didn’t do the things we normally do on my birthday, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything! So. Yeah.

In terms of music, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift nonstop, which is nothing new. What is new is that I’ve started getting into Rina Sawayama’s music [though her album, SAWAYAMA], and! I like it!

How was your September?
Did you read anything good?
Have you done anything to get into the ~ fall ~ spirit?
Tell me about your favorite spooky (and diverse) book! (Yes, this is me desperately fishing for recommendations.)
This monthly-wrap up is longer than the ones I’ve written in the past. Do you like the length?

20 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-up // September 2020”

  1. Don’t worry Sara. I’m a nerd too. Let’s cry together T-T Sadly California does not know when the seasons change and so the high today is 102 degrees. Yay no sweaters for a while. I can’t think of any spooky diverse books right now, but if you do, PM me on Goodreads with them because I need some books for my seasonal reading! I also really love your new blog theme. It’s so dang pretty I could scream. And happy belated birthday!!

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    1. nerd solidarity 😔✌️ oh oof that sounds painful!! in my state, temperatures have fallen into the 40s so I can’t say we’re better off haha. yesss!! I do know some spooky diverse books (the year of the witching and Mexican gothic, to name a few!) but I’m too scared to actually read them 😭 I might just read middle grade books (ghost squad and the girl and the ghost are the one’s im thinking of!) because that’s all my scared baby brain can take!

      thank you so much for all your kind words! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. please can I stuff myself in a box and ship myself to you? because that would be great. oh, I’ll check those out! assuming that my TBR won’t try to kill me 😅 I’m actually terrified of horror/thriller books but I just wanted to give them a try because oh, you know, for the sake of Halloween. on second though, maybe I’ll just stick to middle grade too?

        you’re welcome! I really do love your blog though ❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just want to be where its warm!! 😭 (but come on over, I’m in the midwest :P)

        I get that!! Like I said, I’m scared of everything, but I do want to get into the Halloween spirit! im willing to sacrifice my peace of mind for halloween haha.

        thank you once again! ❤

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  2. Sounds like you had a great September! Happy late birthday (: I totally get what you mean about only being able to read for 15-20 minutes, I’ve been the same way these past few weeks! Hopefully it’s just a weird September slump. Hope you have a great month on October!! ♥

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  3. happy birthday!!!! i love birthdays too and feel esp appreciative that my parents still celebrate mine even though i am a junior in hs. mine was september 25. hope your day was what you wanted it to be!! my september went well. i reconnected with someone from model united nations which was great, and i did well on my first de test, which is also great!!

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  4. First of all, I absolutely love the new design! I think it’s absolutely beautiful!

    This is my first time hearing about The Girl and the Goddess (unless I’ve seen the cover around before, but never registered the title, which is definitely possible) but it sounds so interesting! I’m definitely going to look into it to see if it’s something I’d enjoy!

    Also, I’m super behind on blog hopping, but I can’t wait to check out your discussion! Those are my favorite kinds of posts to read and write, and I always love reading other people’s thoughts on various topics! If you don’t already, I’d highly suggest linking up your discussion posts to the Discussion Challenge that Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction, and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight run. It’s a great way to for people to find your discussion posts, for you to find other discussions, and there’s also a monthly giveaway!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post! It was so nice to see that I wasn’t alone in my mood reading madness!

    And a very happy (belated) birthday to you! 🎊🎉🎊 I also adore birthdays, and I’m so glad that you had a great day!

    I hope you have a wonderful October! 💕


  5. Just found your blog, the design is lovely! 🥰 Ooh I love discussion posts (though I’m a bit intimidated to write then so I’ll be looking at your blog for inspiration!).

    Being a pjo fan, I’ll definitely go check out The Dragon Warrior and thanks for providing so many posts from different bloggers for me to go explore! 💗

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